6 Tempting Toilet Trends Perfect for an Ensuite Bathroom

ensuite bathroom toilet

The ensuite bathroom should be a luxury locale and sanctuary from household commotion, so you have a quiet and relaxed retreat to take care of business. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, especially if a few kids are running around disturbing the peace. Still, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t make this space as comfy and stylish as possible.

That’s where these toilet trends come in useful. Apart from the private shower, a toilet is the single most crucial aspect of an ensuite bathroom and selecting the right one could go a long way to completing this sacred space. According to Gregory Thorkelson, a psychiatrist from the University of Pittsburgh, we are known to spend over 105 minutes on the toilet each week. So, we might as well make that time as pleasant as possible.

Whether it’s a hygienic rimless toilet, a sophisticated smart model, or something in between. Here are 6 toilet trends that could be perfect for your ensuite bathroom:

rimless toilet flush

1. Rimless Toilet

Sleek, sophisticated and easy to clean, the rimless toilet is rising in popularity and will likely become the modern standard. A rimless toilet removes the overhanging rim or lip of traditional toilet suites, making for easier cleaning and limiting the potential of bacteria.

A rimless toilet succeeds without a rim thanks to its superior flush mechanism, which cleanses the bowl more effectively and can be wiped down with ease when it comes time for cleaning your ensuite bathroom. Available at all price points, there’s no reason not to choose a rimless toilet when considering renovations.

Price range: $155 – $3,300
Leading brands: Caroma, Roca, Kado

ensuite bathroom design

2. Wall Mounted Toilet

The wall mounted toilet is exactly what it sounds like. A toilet that’s mounted to the wall instead of being fixed to the floor. The tank and plumbing work remain concealed, with only the pan and flush buttons visible. The hidden nature of a wall mounted toilet makes it ideal for anyone craving a minimalist approach to their ensuite bathroom.

A plumber can even alter the height of the toilet during installation to cater for taller or shorter users. However, it’s worth noting that repairs for wall mounted toilets can be more expensive, as a plumber may need to remove tiles or plasterboard.

Price range: $570 – $1,590
Leading brands: Caroma, Decina, AXA

ensuite bathroom smart toilet

3. Smart Toilet

The smart toilet is the latest in tantalising technology, upgrading the standard loo with enough luxury features to earn the name ‘porcelain throne’. Smart toilets typically offer a built in bidet, air dryer for your behind, a heated seat, self cleaning functionality and more. All of these fantastic features are included without disrupting the subtle design of modern toilets.

One of the best smart toilet models available is the Kohler Veil Comfort. This amenity takes the previously mentioned features and offers touchless flushing, Bluetooth connectivity, a deodorising carbon filter and a built in UV light for sterilisation. Install one of these in the ensuite bathroom, and you may want to keep it secret from the kids.

Price range: $1,350 – $4,450
Leading brands: Kohler, Roca, Toto

bidet toilet seat

4. Bidet Toilet Seat

If you like the idea of a loo that washes your behind but can’t justify the price of a smart toilet, a bidet toilet seat is the way to go.

This attachment replaces your current seat with an enhanced model equipped with a bidet sprayer. Press a button, and the sprayer extends, does its work, then retracts out of sight. In most cases, the bidet toilet seat attaches to your existing water line, which can be done without the aid of a plumber. But you’re in the right place if you do need the assistance of a trade certified expert.

Price range: $239 – $569
Leading brands: Kohler, Lovell, Uclean

black toilet ensuite bathroom

5. Black Toilet

A black toilet is a bold option that’s guaranteed to have all eyes on your ensuite bathroom. Sure, black isn’t for everyone. However, you could be surprised by how sleek a black toilet looks alongside a black toilet roll holder, black towel rack and black taps.

You can find a black toilet in most styles, including rimless and wall mounted. Plus, the other benefit of black amenities is they’re great at concealing mess.

Price range: $299 – $950
Leading brands: Avery, Koko, Lani

back to wall toilet

6. Back to Wall Toilet

A back to wall toilet conceals the cistern and plumbing within the wall, so all you see is the bowl and flush buttons. Unlike wall mounted models, a back to wall toilet is fixed to the floor, so it is easier to install and shouldn’t have any issues regarding excessive weight. These subtle options can help elevate your ensuite bathroom and go a long way to capturing that modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Price range: $277 – $4,450
Leading brands: Caroma, Roca, Oslo

Take the above inspiration and use it to find a toilet that will lift your ensuite bathroom to the next level. It’s the perfect place to start when looking to make this sacred space the sanctuary it needs to be. When you’re ready for an expert to take care of the installation, complete a web form to book a plumber online.