Drain Inspection

A dirty drain due for a drain inspection

A professional drain inspection takes the guesswork out of drainage problems and helps potential buyers get the inside scoop on new homes.

If water drains slowly or gurgles on the way down, you’re looking at a partial blockage. If water won’t drain at all or you’re experiencing backflow, then a pipe is completely blocked, and a drain inspection is required to find the source.

A CCTV camera inspection is the best way to get to the ‘root cause’ of the problem, and every one of our professional plumbers can make it happen.

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What is a CCTV Drain Inspection?

Closed-circuit television comes in useful for more than monitoring businesses and providing home security. For example, the same technology is used within a drainage system to inspect the condition of pipes and locate the source of blockages.

Our plumbers use specially designed CCTV drain cameras that resemble a long hose, and are capable of being fed through your pipes. The plumber can use an accompanying monitor to see inside the pipes in real-time, and the CCTV equipment can even detect the location of a blockage or damage, so a plumber knows precisely where to dig if required.

A plumber will use a CCTV camera inspection for two reasons: to identify the location and exact cause of a blockage and to give home buyers a visual inspection of their potential purchase.

Drain Camera Inspection for Home Investors

You wouldn’t buy a house without a building inspection. So why buy one without considering the condition of the plumbing? Booking in a plumber for a CCTV pipe inspection gives you an insight into the plumbing of a potential buy and lets you know whether any costly maintenance will be required in the near future.

Because the last thing you want to do is spend your savings on a house only to discover that an old drain is destroyed by a tree root intrusion. Major repairs could then be required to get the plumbing back on track.

How do CCTV Cameras Help with Drain Clearing?

The main reason you would request a CCTV drain camera is to locate the source of a blockage. Once located, a plumber can then take the necessary steps to remove the blockage, whether it’s hydro jet cleaning, pipe relining or replacing the damaged section of pipe. A drain blockage occurs from several causes including:

  • Spreading tree roots
  • Food scraps and grease
  • The wrong items being flushed
  • Sagging pipe from erosion
  • Collapsed pipe from age or corrosion

The drain inspection will identify which of these plumbing problems is giving you grief, and then our local plumber can provide quotes for fixes and recommend the best solution. Our accurate diagnosis services are carried out by licensed plumbers with operating hours 24/7.

CCTV Drain Inspection Cost

The cost of a CCTV drain inspection will vary based on the location of the drain, the depth of a blockage and the number of drains that require inspecting. The time taken to complete the inspection will also contribute to the price, so get in touch with our team to receive more information. We will send out a licensed plumber who will provide you with a quote on site and can then complete the job immediately if the drainage CCTV survey cost is accepted.

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24 Hour Blocked Drain Repairs

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What Sets Us Apart from the Competition

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Get in touch for your CCTV drain survey, and we’ll pinpoint the exact source of a blockage or give you visual insights into the condition of your pipes. Fill out a web booking form and we’ll call you back. Or, give us a call for professional plumbing service.

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