Leaking Taps

Few things frustrate like the sound of leaking taps. The constant drip is a hammer repeatedly chipping away at your patience. And we won’t even start on the eyesore that is an ugly sink or tapware. If you want to make some magic in the bathroom or kitchen, it’s time to Book A Plumber Online.

Versatile Kitchen Sink Plumbing

When you want to breathe new life into your kitchen, the sink is a perfect place to start. Whether it’s a brand new mixer tap or crisp kitchen sink installation, make a statement with something new. 

There’s no reason to put up with sinks that are too small, or just don’t suit the needs of a household. And if the underside of your sink is a hodge-podge of past DIY plumbing attempts, you must get it sorted out. Clogged drains or leaking fittings are probably creating extra work for you.

That’s when you contact Book A Plumber Online for professional advice and prompt kitchen sink plumbing. We have all the solutions. From fixing dripping kitchen taps to replacing your plumbing under the kitchen sink, our local plumbers are ready to help you out.

Book A Plumber Online can source and supply all necessary parts, including tap fixtures, rubber washers or mixer tap ceramic discs. Nothing is too big, or too small, for our organised team.

Today’s the day to fix your blocked kitchen sink drain, or replace that old rickety tap. Let’s take care of your important kitchen sink plumbing.

Aesthetic Bathroom Sink Plumbing

We’re all used to leaks, clogs, drips, puddles and other bathroom sink issues. Some can be fixed in the short term, but when it becomes too much we certainly need a helping hand. Book A Plumber Online provides long term solutions for your bathroom, including drain cleaning, repairs, replacements and brand new installations.

Plumbing in a bathroom sink is our bread and butter, too. It means you can enjoy the luxuries of new cabinets and vanities alongside a flashy new sink. With our expert plumbers, no plumbing work is too hard.

If you’re not too sure what you want, we’re happy to help. With some handy expert advice you can have a tailor-made solution for your bathroom sink. Size, material, tapware and more, let’s work together to create your dream bathroom.

Our plumbing also extends to what you can’t see. From internal pipework to hot water connections and more, you can rest assured that everything behind the scenes is in pristine condition. 

Reliable Sink Replacement

Sick and tired of a baby blue or bright pink bathroom sink? Hoping to brighten things up during a renovation or simple upgrade? Replace it with something fresh! Choose from stainless steel, copper, brushed metal or ceramic. It doesn’t matter; Book A Plumber Online will install your replacement sink.

A new sink is perfect for the unexpected and the well-planned. You can tie in a kitchen sink replacement with household renovations so there’s no extra hard work. Or, a quick and easy bathroom makeover could be paired with a feature bathroom sink replacement.

Any sink replacement can occur alongside other important work. We are your one-stop shop when you need to fix a leaking tap and add in a new stainless steel kitchen sink. 

You can also count on our friendly plumbers to do all the heavy lifting. There’s no hard work for you and every job is left in a neat and tidy manner.

Professional Tap Installation

Leaking taps are a frustration. So when you’re ready to move beyond the basics, Book A Plumber Online is here to help. We deliver professional services for kitchen tap installation, mixer tap installation and more. 

When fixing a leaking tap, it’s important to remember there may not be one individual part that needs to be fixed. From a washer or spindle replacement to broken cartridge repairs, anything could come up during an emergency plumbing visit. 

That’s why every expert from Book A Plumber Online is well versed in repairs and installation. So if a new fitting looks best, we can do it. Meanwhile, if you’re starting from scratch, we offer a variety of accessories and fittings, including:

  • Basin sets
  • Kitchen and bathroom mixer taps
  • Taps, handles and spouts
  • Shower mixer taps and showerheads
  • Pull out, pull down or swivel sink mixers
  • Bath tapware

It’s never too late to install new tapware. Bring your bathroom, kitchen, laundry or even garden to life with Book A Plumber Online’s professional tap installation.

Leaking Tap Replacement

Our professional leaking tap services deliver long term solutions, including rap repairs and replacement. All jobs will begin with a thorough leak investigation to uncover the offending individual parts. 

Some of the most common causes of a leaking tap include:

  • Damaged/worn out washers
  • Corroded valve seats
  • Scratched or damaged ceramic discs (mixer taps)
  • Dirt in the cartridge
  • Loose or damaged O-Ring

Now, although it might seem like an easy fix to repair a leaking tap, often the best solution is tap replacement. The long-term benefits of new tapware far outweigh the short-term gains from a new washer that will break down. You can limit the chances of recurring plumbing problems when you change a tap to a completely new fixture. 

Book A Plumber Online stocks a range of premium taps, and can also source any of your preferred brands. We can also install customer supplied fittings, as long as they are still in the box.

The additional peace of mind from a fresh tap is ideal for any homeowner. You can rest assured that the dripping will not return in a few months once washers or o-rings break down yet again.

Replacing a dripping tap is also the perfect time to upgrade to a durable mixer tap. With no internal washers it might be the last time you have to even think about a leaking tap!

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

Book A Plumber Online provides efficient, cost effective solutions for all sink and tap plumbing. We’ll replace, repair and install anything and everything. There’s no need to waste time with short-term fixes. Customers can always count on a professional plumbing service and a job completed to perfection.

With plumbers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there is always someone on call for your job. Additionally, you will often receive fast attendance within 1 hour* of your booking. There is always a friendly team member ready for same day service for emergency plumbing or general maintenance.

Our licensed and knowledgeable plumbers will look after your property with consideration, too. Expect them to always arrive in a neat and tidy manner, and be respectful throughout the whole blocked drain repair.

Contact Book A Plumber today and you will be delighted with our professional workmanship, attention to detail and courtesy.