Hot Water Systems

plumber adjusting hot water system thermostat

We all love our hot water, but when it stops flowing, it really is missed. Cold showers are unpleasant and the interruption to a day’s timetable is incredibly frustrating. That’s when Book A Plumber Online comes into play.

Here at Book A Plumber Online, we have 24/7 hot water experts available for any hot water service you might need. Electric, gas, solar, heat pump. It doesn’t matter the unit or the job at hand, our experienced technicians are available to assist on jobs of all sizes.

Expert Hot Water System Services

Book A Plumber Online assists with a wide variety of hot water systems and services. We can upgrade your tank for increased energy efficiency, while we can also repair a gas or electric element on the spot. From an electric storage water heater to a gas continuous flow system, nothing is off limits for our licensed plumbers and gas fitters.

We are ready to jump into action and assist with your hot water:

  • installation
  • replacement
  • services
  • repairs

Book A Plumber Online also provides advice and on-site assessment services to ensure you receive the best possible long term solution. An upfront, obligation-free fixed price quote means your hot water heater will be well looked after and you will always have access to running hot water.

Hot Water System Installation

According to the Australian Government’s Energy Rating website, 25 per cent of all household energy use goes to water heating. It’s important you select the right system to reduce energy consumption, while delivering a confident supply of hot water for the whole family.

When it’s time for a new hot water system, Book A Plumber Online has hot water system installation specialists on standby 24/7. Not sure what water heater will best suit your home? Our plumbers will recommend a water heater to meet your family’s needs, with the bonus of reliable same day installation!

Hot Water System Replacement

Even the best hot water systems have limited lifespans. Eventually you will have to replace your old unit and upgrade. That’s when a hot water system replacement with Book A Plumber Online comes into play. Contact us and we can organise a like-for-like replacement or even install an energy efficient solar hot water system. Let’s work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with modern, high-performance water heaters.

Hot Water System Services

Whether your electric hot water system requires a new sacrificial anode, or the gas continuous flow needs gas fitting maintenance, we provide a wide range of routine hot water services. Our goal is to ensure your water heater is in perfect working order for years to come. Regular hot water services with Book A Plumber Online will allow you to maintain an energy efficient system with reduced energy costs, a high flow rate and consistently heated water.

Hot Water System Repairs

If your water heater unexpectedly gives up the ghost, we have plumbers available for emergency hot water system repairs. With no additional after hours charges or extra emergency fees, you can take care of any unplanned repairs. Our vans are fully stocked to deliver same day repairs for water leaks, blockages, electrical and gas faults, plus a whole lot more. We can take care of your storage tank unit, continuous flow system or heat pump.

Working With All Types of Hot Water Systems

Plumbers from Book A Plumber Online have the skills and experience to work on all types of hot water systems. Gas systems, electric hot water or solar powered, we do it all. You are in safe hands when you book with us.

Electric Hot Water Systems

With rising electricity prices and an increased focus on reduced carbon emissions, electric hot water systems have fallen out of favour. However, that does not mean they’re dead and buried. Plenty of Australian homes have electric systems, including tanks and electric instantaneous water heaters. If you do, we deliver a selection of maintenance services to keep everything running smoothly. You can heat water without breaking the bank.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Do you use natural gas or LPG to heat the water for your home? When you need a plumber for your gas hot water system, you need Book A Plumber Online. Gas continuous flow water heaters provide a steady supply of hot water without the increased running costs. Even gas storage systems offer energy efficient hot water for a wide number of Australian homes. You can enjoy a steamy shower with no delay.

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

Also known as continuous flow systems, instant hot water systems deliver fast and reliable hot water. Most instantaneous units are gas, although you can also install electric and even hydropower alternatives.

Instead of storing and heating water 24/7, water is only warmed when you need it. That means reduced running costs and hot water on demand. There’s no need for a hot water tank, just a convenient wall-mounted box that barely takes up any space.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Whether you’re motivated to save the environment or simply want a more energy-efficient and cost-effective water heater, solar hot water heaters are a great option. And no matter the service you’re after, Book A Plumber Online has experts available to help. Solar panels deliver a reliable heating method via the sun’s natural renewable energy input. Paired with off grid electricity and a solar hot water system could save you plenty of money.

Heat Pumps

Combining the benefits of renewable ambient heat temperature and electricity, heat pump hot water systems are energy efficient and impactful. They perform well even in cold weather and the storage tank ensures you always have a large supply of hot water on call. Book A Plumber Online has electric heat pump hot water experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hot Water System Brands We Work With

Here at Book A Plumber Online, we work with all hot water system brands, makes and models. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • AquaMAX
  • Bosch
  • Chromagen
  • Dux
  • Everhot
  • Rheem
  • Rinnai
  • Stiebel Eltron

For repairs, maintenance or installation, Book A Plumber Online has plumbers who can help. We have quick access to all necessary parts. You can rely on our experience to assist with the long term health of your hot water system.

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

Hot water services with Book A Plumber Online go beyond a regular water heater service. Our plumbers are highly knowledgeable and have access to the latest parts and techniques.

All vans are fully stocked for same day solutions. Meanwhile, Book A Plumber Online covers each plumber with a 12 month workmanship guarantee. And when an emergency strikes you can often have an expert at your door just 1 hour* after your call.

Book A Plumber Online makes payment a breeze. Our $0 deposit, interest free payment plans** provide flexibility and convenience. Install a brand new efficient hot water system without paying an upfront deposit! Or, get your hot water running again when it stops on a Sunday night. You can make life easy with manageable repayment options.

Book A Plumber Online is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and always at the same prices! So whether your hot water runs out on a Monday, Sunday or even Christmas day, our rates never change. When you need a hot water expert, just Book A Plumber Online.