Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water

For energy efficient renewable hot water you cannot go past solar hot water. It’s the perfect choice for the energy-conscious hoping to save money and help the environment. Most importantly, though, solar hot water systems ensure you have a consistent supply of hot water.

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Solar Water Heating

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There are several major benefits when it comes to using solar power to heat water. Low running costs, drastically cheaper electricity bills, fewer carbon emissions and long lasting solar collectors are just some of the great perks.

Meanwhile, with solar hot water at your fingertips, you will be able to enjoy fast and convenient hot water delivery. Your storage tank stores a large supply of hot water for 24/7 use, while a natural gas booster delivers back up heating power in cold weather. You will have the comfort of relying on solar energy for much of the year, though, with the gas booster just a back-up unit on the coldest and most overcast days.

Solar hot water tanks also deliver far more efficient hot water than an electric hot water system that continuously warms water. With solar you can forget about the ongoing running costs of an electric burner. Instead, there’s increased energy efficiency from your solar hot water panels.

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How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

So, how does a solar hot water system work? Simply put, solar collector panels on the roof of your home will harness the sun’s energy, converting it into heat energy that warms your water. You could also have solar panels converting the sun’s energy into electricity for the home.

Solar hot water technology really does not work too differently to other solar systems. However, you are more likely to have an all-in-one system where the panels are directly connected to a storage tank. Hot water heating therefore relies on the output of those panels.

There are two main types of solar collectors: evacuated tube and flat plate collector.

Evacuated tubes are glass tubes containing a copper pipe (heat pipe) that assists in transferring heat energy from the panel to where water is stored. An evacuated tube is incredibly reliable as direct sunlight is not necessary, making it suitable for a range of Australian climates. The size of the panel depends on how many individual tubes are connected together. Typically these solar hot water systems have a ground mounted storage cylinder.

Flat plate solar collectors, meanwhile, are large panes containing copper pipes. Sunlight directly heats each collector on the roof space, and heat energy is thermo siphoned through the copper pipes and into a roof mounted storage tank.

Most solar water heaters are also paired with a gas or electric booster. The booster element is a secondary continuous flow system, or incorporated into the storage tank, providing consistent hot water all year round. Even if there is not enough sun, an electric or gas booster will kick into action.

Solar Hot Water System Prices

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