Backflow Testing and Maintenance

Backflow is arguably the unhealthiest of all plumbing problems. Where leaks and burst pipes are problematic, backflow endangers health by contaminating the drinking water supply.

Backflow is caused by changes in pressure forcing wastewater back up from the drain pipes. There’s no telling what’s down there, but you can expect bacteria, chemicals and other wastes flowing into your plumbing and to the water supply if there are cross connections between your pipes.

Many things can disrupt consistent pressure:

  • A nearby pipe bursts
  • High demand reduces pressure
  • Firefighters borrow your water supply
  • Heat expansion from water heater
  • And more

If you’re experiencing backflow or are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, get in touch with our team. Book A Plumber is available 24/7 for backflow repairs and a wide range of professional plumbing services.

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Backflow Testing

Backflow is a higher risk for commercial and industrial sites, plus apartment buildings and farms. Any sites with complex plumbing systems and those where industrial and commercial waste is produced.

Australian plumbing regulations state that businesses and apartments must have an annual backflow test performed by a licensed plumber to ensure the drinking water is not contaminated. A backflow test report is then sent to the state government and recorded.

Book A Plumber can perform any necessary repairs to the backflow plumbing to ensure contaminants are kept from your water supply system. This way, occupants have access to clean water, and you’ll pass the necessary testing for another year.

Landlords especially want to stay on top of this and have a professional double check the main water supply to ensure it remains free from contaminants. The last thing you want to do is endanger health because you forgot to book a simple test.

We can repair burst pipes, fit pressure limiting valves, and rework your plumbing, so there’s no cross connection between drains and faucets.

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Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices are installed by water authorities at commercial, industrial and some residential properties to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the water supply.

A prevention device allows water to enter the property through the water meter as usual and then prevents it from flowing back into the network. It features a backflow prevention valve that shuts down the water connection, so higher pressure can’t force the water flow back to the source.

Most residential properties do not need a backflow prevention device, but it’s always essential to ensure your water supply system doesn’t endanger health. Businesses and landlords should investigate the need for backflow devices at a property’s water meter. We can then help out with repairs to make sure the water pressure doesn’t cause you grief. 

Speak to your local water authority to learn more about backflow risk ratings and contact us for residential plumbing. Then, we can send a licensed plumber to your door, often on the same day. 

Interest Free Backflow Services

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