Drain Cleaning

Are you struggling to use the sink or flush the toilet all because of a blocked drain? If so, it’s time to book a plumber for professional drain cleaning. The store bought chemicals are rarely successful, and sometimes the plunger just won’t cut it.

Go straight to the source by contacting the experts to clean your drain effectively and efficiently using state of the art technology.

Book A Plumber Online can have a licensed plumber to your door today and offers interest free payment plans** through leading providers for your convenience.

That’s a clean drain today and money managed later at a rate that suits your schedule. Find out more by booking a plumber today!

Hydrojet Plumber for Drain Pipes

Hydrojet plumbing is one of the most successful and cost effective ways to clean drains and get the water flowing once more. The hydrojet is a long snake-like high pressure water hose that’s inserted into your drain opening to blast away blockages. The water obliterates the clog and washes away debris in a way that won’t harm your drain pipes.

Hydrojet plumbing helps deal with various clogs, from the wrong types of materials flushing down the toilet to tree roots encroaching on your pipes. Here’s what drain jetting can eliminate:

  • Food grease
  • Food scraps
  • Cat litter
  • Wet wipes
  • Hair
  • Tampons
  • Tree roots
  • Sediment
  • And more!

Our licensed plumbers will perform a CCTV drain inspection to locate the source then use the hydrojet pressure washer to get your water flowing once more.

Note: If the blocked drain is caused by tree roots or damage to the pipes, further repairs will be required to remedy the situation. But hydro jet plumbing can get your drains flowing in the meantime.

Why Would You Need a Drain Plumber?

A blocked drain is the most common of all residential plumbing problems. It’s almost guaranteed that you will experience a slow drain pipe or one that’s completely clogged with nothing flushing at all. The worst case scenario is sewer water flowing back up from the blocked drain and into your home.

A plunger may fix the problem, or a homemade cleaner comprising baking soda and boiling water. However, for every severely blocked drain, you’re going to need some powerful tools, and it’s the licensed plumbers who carry these from job to job.

Book A Plumber carries a combination of drain auger, hydrojet and electric drain cleaners to break the blockage in any way that’s required. Still, it’s the hydrojet that’s favoured for efficiency and success.

What is a Hydrojet Drain Cleaner?

Hydro jet drain cleaning is one of the most effective tools in a plumber’s arsenal. It’s a specially designed tool for cleaning drains and is vastly different to the high pressure hose used for washing down driveways and patios.

The Hydro jet high pressure power washer can reach up to 60,000 psi. This pressure can clear even the most stubborn of blockages. A unique nozzle is fitted to the end of the hose that’s suited to different sized pipes and materials. The long hose allows it to be fed through your drains and sewer line.

Hydrojet replaces the old fashioned drain snake for most jobs. The drain snake effectively breaks up a clog, but it wouldn’t clear your drain. Instead, leaving the debris behind. Hydro jet clears blockages and cleans your pipes at the same time.

The hydrojet drain cleaning cost will vary from job to job. Some homes have easy access to drains thanks to sewer cleanouts fitted around the property. Other homes do not, and so drain cleaning becomes a bigger job.

Call our professional plumbing team, and we’ll send someone to your home to provide you with a fixed price quote for drain cleaning. If accepted, we’ll clean and flush your drains and pipes on the spot to help get your home back on track.

Interest Free Drain Cleaning

It’s difficult to budget for emergencies, which is why we offer $0 deposit interest free terms** on all plumbing work. Using your choice of buy now pay later services, request drain cleaning today and manage the costs at a rate that suits your lifestyle.

We partner with Zip Pay and Humm to help you get the funds required for plumbing work. Approval is fast and easy. So get your drain pipes cleaned today!

24/7 Drain Pipe Services

The Book A Plumber team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all your drain cleaning services. We understand that there’s nothing convenient about plumbing problems, and so we can make our technicians available after hours at no additional cost.

Our rates stay the same 24/7 and even on weekends and public holidays. There’s no surcharge for requesting clean drains on a Sunday or removal of a toilet clog at 9pm. The same benefits extend to all plumbing work: water heaters, sewer lines, bathtubs, showers, sinks, low water pressure, and general maintenance services.

Why Book A Plumber Drain Plumber Online?

If there’s something strange in your sewer line, who you gonna call? Book A Plumber is available around the clock for all your residential plumbing needs. We can use high pressure water for drain cleaning to get the standing water flowing once more. Get in touch with our team to experience these great benefits:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Same day service
  • No extra charge after hours
  • $0 deposit interest free options
  • Fixed price quotes
  • 12 month workmanship warranty
  • Fully licensed, experienced plumbers
  • $20 million public liability insurance

So what are you waiting for? Contact our team to remove buildup and eliminate the blockage to get your plumbing problems fixed with same day service.
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