Plumbing Maintenance

A plumber inspecting some pipes during routine plumbing maintenance

When you need an expert eye for plumbing inspections, or a steady hand for cleaning, Book A Plumber Online is ready to help. We have local plumbers across Australia operating 24/7. And with no extra fees for after hours service, why not take advantage of our team for any emergencies like blocked drains or burst pipes?

You can rest assured that we’re here for you. Contact us now to learn more about our plumbing maintenance services, or keep on reading. No matter what, we will deliver efficient cleaning and inspections for a whole host of plumbing services. 

Drain Inspection

Professional drain inspections remove the need for guesswork. Thanks to a CCTV drain inspection you can have a clear understanding of what’s causing your drain blockage in real time. The use of state-of-the-art camera equipment means Book A Plumber Online can deliver effective long term solutions like drain clearing, repairs or pipe relining. You can rest assured the best possible outcome is achieved.

Leak Detection & Testing

One of the trickiest plumbing problems is a water leak. When your pipes are leaking behind the walls, or under the cement, finding the source is never easy. Too often it’s spotted once it’s too late: emergency repairs are needed. Luckily we’re here to help with prompt leak detection services and repairs. We will find and repair any leaking pipe to save you the long term pain.


Your health is at risk when there’s backflow in your plumbing. It’s a term we all know of, but what exactly is it? Backflow is caused by changes in pressure that forces your wastewater back up the drain pipes. That means your sewage returns to the home. If cross contamination occurs, expect chemicals and bacteria in potable water. Thankfully, Book A Plumber Online is here to test for backflow and protect you.

Plumbing Repairs

Guess what? Book A Plumber Online does it all! We are your local plumbing repair experts. From hot water systems to roof leaks, dripping taps to blocked drains, it’s all in our wheelhouse. You just have to contact us and make a booking to organise any necessary repairs. And if you are unsure of the cause, our professional fault finding services will uncover the issue every time.

Blocked Drains

Clogged drains are an issue we all face. Your plumbing may have been invaded by tree roots, or it could be an internal clog. Whatever the cause, we are here to help. Our plumbers provide stormwater drain and sewer drain cleaning and maintenance for the utmost convenience. So when your toilet is blocked, or the shower drain is overflowing, Book A Plumber Online will clear it promptly. 

Burst Pipes

If leaking pipes are a disaster waiting to happen, burst pipes are the climax. Water damage is a real threat and you need the issue resolved quickly. With Book A Plumber Online our emergency plumbers can promptly arrive at your door, armed with all the necessary tools and equipment for repairs. Don’t try to DIY repair your burst pipes, contact us for professional repairs.

Drain Cleaning

Book A Plumber Online goes straight to the source of your blocked drain. Our professional drain clearing services remove debris, tree roots and all. Through the use of an electric drain snake or hydro-jet drain cleaner, we will take care of anything and everything. Call now to book a licensed plumber for your drain cleaning services.

Pipe Relining

For those after a long term solution for blocked drain prevention, pipe relining is non-invasive and convenient. It’s an ingenious solution that will breathe new life into your ageing or damaged pipework. How? Our team simply fills the existing pipework with an inflatable sleeve that hardens and fills any gaps. You can enjoy long term success and plumbing security!

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition?

Book A Plumber Online is the home to your local plumbers. We are proud to work hard for your benefit, delivering fast same day services and professional repairs. You can also call on our team for efficient and thorough plumbing inspections and cleaning. That means your drains will be like new, while burst pipes can be repaired promptly.

No matter when you need an expert, our 24/7 services will get the job done. We are ready to hit the road with fast response times. We can often have an expert at your door within 1 hour* after your call, too.

Meanwhile, why not take advantage of our $0 deposit, interest free payment plans** for cleaning and inspections? There’s no need to worry about unplanned emergencies or last-minute drain cleaning. Any job can be balanced with comforting repayments at a date that suits you later. 

Looking for a plumber now? Contact Book A Plumber Online! We’re ready and waiting to deliver a premium service.