Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

Emergency plumbing issues are tricky at the best of times, let alone late at night or in the middle of a jam packed day. And when it’s something causing serious concern, you need urgent repairs. You can have them thanks to Book A Plumber Online and our expert emergency plumbers.

Book A Plumber Online Emergency Plumbers 24/7

Experience is crucial when emergency plumbing is involved and Book A Plumber Online has a deep well of knowledge to call upon. So no matter what goes wrong at your home or business, our team of local specialists will be able to tackle the job.

Customers can also enjoy the perks of dependable 24/7 service. That kind of reliability takes the burden away from you and places it into the knowledgeable hands of licensed emergency plumbers.

All of the work meets state and Australian standards, underpinning the confidence we have in the quality of work. Meanwhile, widespread availability often allows for fast attendance within 1 hour* of your call across major metropolitan areas. There’s no reason for an emergency to be left unattended when Book A Plumber Online has technicians on call in all areas.

Your blocked drain will be cleared in no time, or a burst pipe repaired and replaced promptly. You can trust Book A Plumber Online for long term, professional emergency plumbing services. Just call us today to learn more about our services, or to book a local plumber.

Emergency Plumbing Services

If you’re staring down the barrel of plumbing gone wrong, you might be wondering whether it counts as an emergency or not. There’s no definitive answer… but here at Book A Plumber Online, we believe anything inconveniencing your day counts as emergency plumbing.

Sometimes, though, certain situations stand above the rest. There are true emergencies that cannot wait, and that’s where we help. Our local emergency plumbers are ready to attend your property, armed with all the equipment they need to solve your dilemma.

Gas Leaks

One emergency that cannot be left alone is a gas leak. Potentially harmful health side effects are never worth the risk of a major delay.

Gas leaks can often go undetected. Even the recognised rotten egg odour is not necessarily enough to send up a red flag in some scenarios. That’s why it’s always important to monitor the performance of your gas appliances like the oven, gas log fireplace, or hot water system.

Also keep an eye on unexplained and widespread health issues like nausea, headaches, fatigue, fainting or even shortness of breath. They are all signs of a gas leak or carbon monoxide leak.

If you have a gas appliance in need of a service or fear there is a gas leak, it’s time for emergency gas fitting.

Book A Plumber Online has local emergency gas plumbers on call 24/7 for detailed gas leak detection and repairs. Our gas fitting services are fully licensed and insured. A certificate of compliance is always provided upon completion.

Blocked Toilets and Blocked Drains

Few things are as inconvenient as a blocked toilet or drain. It’s the kind of disturbance that sends your entire day down the drain. However, if you have a reliable emergency plumber at your door within 1 hour* all of that changes.

Blocked drains have a variety of causes, including hair, wet wipes or even small toys, plus stubborn tree roots. Underground drains can also collapse, leading to severe blockages.

Without a clear cut cause on the surface, Book A Plumber Online will send a local emergency plumber to your home for efficient drain clearing and long term repairs. There are no shortcuts, and you can discuss all options with your friendly plumber.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is the kind of nightmare that’s best left in a horror movie. It’s a disruptive emergency that often sidelines your entire plumbing system due to the need to dig up pipes and shut off the water supply.

That’s why you never want to wait longer than necessary for emergency burst pipe repairs. Water damage is costly, while your belongings could be a sodden, damp piece of history.

Our access to excavators and all appropriate materials means there will be no delay to your repairs. After hours and public holiday availability also provides you with the opportunity to book an experienced plumber with us at any time of the day. We can work around your schedule and will be on site when you need us.

Hot Water Systems

When you suddenly lose your hot water supply it feels like life stands still. A cold shower is a freezing wake-up call and no hot water before the school rush is certainly a big emergency.

Throw in the potential of a leaking water heater, or issues with a gas instantaneous unit, and there’s no time to waste. You need emergency hot water repairs to ensure your home is back in business. We can assist in all repairs, replacement and installation services, providing you with fast and reliable options from leading brands such as Rheem or Rinnai.

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition?

Book A Plumber Online is your local go-to option for experienced emergency plumbing solutions across Australia. Our resources are second-to-none thanks to extensive connections in the plumbing industry.

When you book with us, you have access to 24/7 emergency plumbers at no extra cost. That’s right, there are no inflated emergency prices. You will always pay the same, whether it’s for service within the hour* or next week. That goes for public holidays and after hours jobs, too.

All bookings can also be paid for with a $0 deposit, interest free payment plan** for extra peace of mind. This means your plumbing emergency doesn’t have to dent your savings. You can take care of the repayments in manageable instalments, which is a lifesaver following burst pipe repairs or hot water system installation.

Meanwhile, our plumbers provide a quality experience from start to finish. They are fully licensed and insured, and all work is paired with a 12 month workmanship guarantee to show our commitment to your cause.

Book A Plumber Online is the best solution for your emergency. No matter when or where, we’ll get the job done. Contact us now to secure your booking.