Gas Heating


A gas log fireplace, a comfortable form of gas heating

On those cold winter nights, when the temperature drops way down, you’ll be pleased to have a reliable gas heater. Unlike air conditioning, flued gas heaters are energy efficient with lower running costs and produce fewer emissions. So, go with gas to save money and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

One of the many natural gas uses is climate control. There are great benefits for using gas to keep warm, but extra precautions are required to stay safe. A faulty heater could be a fire hazard and can leak dangerous carbon monoxide into your home.

Don’t put off essential gas line repairs when Book A Plumber is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us for the installation of new gas appliances, and we can often be at your door within the hour* to deal with emergencies.

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Gas Heater Service

We have professional plumbers available 24/7 for new installations, repairs and gas heater servicing, which ensures your heater operates at peak performance during the winter months.

Servicing gas heaters is recommended once a year before periods of heavy use. This includes a thorough inspection, clean, test and reassembly, all of which are often required to improve performance.

When it comes to gas heater service in the broader sense, and you’re seeking a new installation or replacement, these are the main types of heaters available:

Space heaters

These slim, space saving heaters bring warmth to an entire room and remain efficient by relying on gas as the fuel source. Available in various shapes and sizes, there’s an option to suit every home, and the space heater can often be disconnected and stored away when not in use.

Ducted gas heating

Keep the whole house warm with ducted gas heating. One of these powerful systems can be installed within your roof cavity to pump warm airflow to every room via thermal ducts and discreet vents. Managed via a thermostat or remote control, this is the ultimate way to remain toasty 24/7.

Gas log fires

The traditional wood burning fireplace is replaced with an efficient gas burning option that maintains the aesthetically pleasing look and feel while eliminating undesirable aspects. Gas log fires require no firewood and have an electronic ignition. You can even get faux logs made of ceramic for added ambience.

Wall furnaces

These slim, vertical gas appliances can heat larger rooms than space heaters and select models come with a nifty feature making them double-sided, so fix one to a wall, and it heats two adjoining rooms at the same time.

Hydronic heating

Hydronic heating is a modern luxury that takes the chill out of cold tile and timber floors. Installed under the floor, hydronic heating warms water that flows through pipes and raises the room temperature above.

Whatever appliances are in your price range, Book A Plumber is here to deliver advice and carry out the installation. We provide quality service around the clock and are available Australia wide. So, it’s almost guaranteed that we’re in your location, wherever it may be.

The Gas Duct Heater Difference

The ducted gas heater is a whole home solution capable of adding climate control to every room of the home. Or, at least, every room in which you desire warmth. Modern systems include zoning technology which closes off airflow to rooms not in use. This can help save on running costs during extended periods of use.

Some of the best brands to produce reliable ducted heaters include Bonaire, Rinnai and Brivas. Book A Plumber works with leading brands and takes care of the annual ducted gas heating service and duct cleaning when required.

Gas ducted heating does cost more to install than other heaters, but the benefits can be worth it when looking to bring climate control to your forever home.

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Gas Heater Repair

If your appliance is getting on in age and lands outside of warranty, contact us for gas heater repairs. Book A Plumber specialises in emergency repairs with swift service. We can often be at your door within the hour* or at a time that suits your lifestyle.

We provide a huge range of services available 24/7. So, after hours, on weekends and during public holidays. This is how we stand apart from the competition.

We can repair old gas heaters and provide a quote for a replacement if it’s time to put that heater to rest. We will always strive to provide the desired gas heating repair and give the right advice if it’s more cost-effective to install a new heater.

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Interest Free Gas Heater Installation

Book A Plumber is your go-to for buy now pay later service. We offer $0 deposit interest free** on all work performed by our plumbers, including the purchasing and installation of new gas heaters. This means you can request work today and manage the costs over time to suit your budget.

Use your choice of Humm and Zip Pay. We partner with all three leading brands to make gas heaters accessible for those looking to stay warm during the winter months.

Contact us, and we’ll send a professional plumber out to provide a fixed price quote on repairs or gas heater installation. We can often complete the work on the spot, and you can apply buy now pay later services for a fast turnaround on gas heating.

Outdoor Gas Heaters

Portable gas heaters are popular for their convenience. Hook up a gas bottle and you’re ready to go. But if you entertain regularly or just enjoy being outside, consider using natural gas as the fuel source. The natural gas connection can be utilised for your outdoor gas heating if a heater remains fixed in place. 

Natural gas is more affordable than relying on a refillable LPG gas bottle, and you never have to worry about running out. There are no more urgent trips for swap ‘n go bottles when you rely on natural gas for your outdoor gas heating.

Book A Plumber can send a gas fitter to your home and connect a bayonet fitting outdoors in your position of choice and can also install gas appliances if required. The best gas heater is one that provides wondrous warmth whenever required without fear of the fuel running out.

Whether wall mounted or free-standing, it’s time to ditch the portable heaters and stay warm with modern, natural gas-fuelled outdoor heating.

Gas Heater Repairs Near Me

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